Abu Dhabi Exports Office

Abu Dhabi Exports Office (ADEX) is the export financing arm of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD). ADEX is mandated to provide financing and guarantee facilities to overseas importers of UAE products and services. Its main objectives are to increase the UAE’s exports, enhance the ability of UAE exporters to enter and compete in new markets, and reduce financial risks for UAE exporters. ADEX is contributing to the UAE’s economic diversification strategies, prosperity, and sustainable development.

Our Vision

To enhance the competitiveness of the UAE's export sector globally

Our Mission

Contributing to the development of the national economy by promoting financial solutions that facilitate the reach of Emirati goods and services to global markets

Our Values


Our ability to raise the quality of our work to achieve outstanding performance.


Our commitment to forging sustainable partnerships based on mutual trust.


we promote creativity, innovation, and excellence in our services.


We believe in teamwork to sustain progress and productivity



Contribute to the UAE’s economic diversification and sustainable development efforts


Enhance global competitiveness of national exports.


Establish strategic partnerships locally and internationally


Protect Emirati exporters from potential payment delays and non-payment risks.


Enable Emirati exporters to explore new markets.


Offer importers lines of credit that are not widely available at UAE’s commercial banks

Benefits for the Overseas Buyer

  • Financing solutions for transactions with UAE companies on attractive and flexible terms with short- to long-term payment tenures
  • Flexible financing options that suit varied requirements
  • Transaction-specific financing and revolving lines of credit

Benefits for the Exporter

  • Increased volume of trade
  • Competitivity of UAE goods and services
  • Ability to establish international partnerships and exchange knowledge
  • Protection against potential payment delays or non-payment