ADEX is committed to ensuring the highest professional and ethical standards towards ADEX stakeholders. ADEX including its executives, Export Executive Committee, and employees will never send you any unsolicited request for project, or for personal or financial information. ADEX does not offer or accepts unsolicited requests for project financing, loans, or other banking services. Similarly, ADEX doesn’t offer, request or accept any financial deposits, bonds, or fees for considering a project, job offers, loan, or service through email. ADEX has no associates, representatives, agents, and will never send any correspondence from any email domain other than adex.ae.

If you become aware of any potentially illegal, unethical, or improper conduct taken or suspected by ADEX institution, employee, affiliate, customer, and/or supplier of ADEX, or if someone purporting to be associated with ADEX has made unsolicited contact with you, please report it to us via website’sContact us.