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Abu Dhabi Exports Office’s (ADEX) direct and indirect export credit facilities are designed to simplify international trade transactions between UAE exporters of products and services and their foreign buyers. Importers can avail themselves of ADEX’s tailored and flexible financing solutions that are offered on attractive terms. According to its mandate, ADEX is also minimizes the exposure of exporters to delayed payment or non-payment risks to enable them to compete in the international market.

Financing Facilities

1Direct Financing

1.1 Loan

Loan offered to overseas buyers to procure goods and services of an UAE origin.

1.2 Guarantee

Guarantee is issued to a financial institution to provide loan to an overseas importer of goods or services of an UAE origin.

2 Indirect Financing

A credit line is extended to an overseas financial institution, which, in turn, relends to an importer to procure goods or services of an UAE origin.

ADEX Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Goods and Services

  • Consumer and capital goods manufactured in the UAE.
  • Infrastructure and other related projects carried out by UAE contractors overseas.
  • Consultancy and other services.
Eligible Goods and Services
Eligible Overseas Buyers

Eligible Overseas Buyers

  • Governments.
  • State-owned or semi-government entities.
  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Private companies.
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Goods and services must be of an UAE origin.
  • The borrower should be based overseas and meet credit eligibility criteria.
  • Financing can reach up to 100% of export contract depending on the type and risk of export credit facility availed.

Application Process

Consultation Stage

The exporter, importer or bank can request for a consultation.

Documents to be submitted by the Borrower at this stage
  • A request letter
  • A transaction summary including main terms and conditions
  • A credit report from a credible international rating agency (if available)
  • Any other documents, if necessary

Appraisal Stage

The borrower or overseas buyer shall provide complete transaction details for ADEX to carry out due diligence.

Documents to be submitted at this stage
  • Audited financial statements for the last 3 years
  • An annual report, which includes management and ownership structure
  • A credit report from a credible international rating agency (if available)
  • Additional documents if required

Execution Stage

  • Negotiating and drafting the loan agreement with the borrower
  • Signing the agreement and fulfilling the declaration of loan requirements